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    Knee Pads

    When it comes to personal protection equipment (PPE) in the workplace, the knees are often overlooked as an area of the body in need of protecting but it is essential to provide the knees with the correct support to avoid injury or discomfort. This protection is often supplied in the form of knee pads, which are available in a range of style and materials, including foam and gel pads. Our range of knee protection pads includes a range of product styles from industry-leading brands such as DeWALT, Dickies, Irwin, RS PRO, Scruffs and Snickers.

    Why wear knee pads for work?

    The risk of knee injuries with trade professionals is high, meaning knee protection is essential. Knee pads or knee pad inserts provide essential knee protection when combined with safety trousers and other protective workwear clothing. Knee pads have been designed to be hard-wearing and provide protection whilst also being comfortable to wear in the workplace, with the foam or gel cushion on the knee pads protecting the knees from injury when kneeling on site and lessening the pressure during extended periods of kneeling.

    How do knee pads work?

    Knee pads work by adding the inserts within the work trousers using pockets or, in the absence of work trousers, elasticated, adjustable straps can secure the knee pads to your legs. For pre-existing health conditions, this extra padding can make all the difference by protecting the joints.

    Gel knee pads are specially designed to be hard-wearing and comfortable to wear, spreading the pressure to be absorbed across the gel pad before it reaches the knee. Knee protectors with gel can also be used in safety areas when it's essential that you don't slip. Foam knee pads work in the same way but are generally thinner than gel cushioned pads, so may not be as effective at absorbing as much pressure as gel pads.

    Knee Protector Standard (BS EN 14404)

    This EN Standard relates to trousers and coveralls which offer knee pad pockets to protect the wearer when kneeling.

    Who wears knee pads?

    Knee pads are used across many industries that require manual work to be carried out on the knees due to low access heights or low positioning, and may include working in this position for extended periods of time such as gardening, plumbing and electrics. Typical applications for using kneeling pads or inserts include:

    • Construction
    • Automotive
    • Carpet fitters
    • Gardening
    • Sports/Exercise
    • DIY
    • Plumbers
    • Maintenance engineers
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