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    Fall Arrest & Fall Recovery Kits

    Fall arrest equipment including fall arrest recovery kits are vital PPE when working at height, it is a legal requirement for employers to protect their employees from falling and protect themselves and others from falling objects. Fall arrest kits include fall arrest equipment provide you with a tailored fall arrest system protecting you from a fall. Fall arrest recovery kits are also known as rescue packs, rescue systems and rescue kits.

    Fall arrest kits and fall arrest recovery kits include various items of kit that are tailored to suit your specific needs when working at height in various environments and fall risks from roofing, scaffolding. No matter what application, involving the risk of a fall, you need a fall arrest kit containing basic requirements such as a safety fall arrest harness and lifelines, lanyards to specialist rescue equipment like rescue poles, hooks, anchors, safety rope, winches and forklift cages.

    A fall arrest kit or a fall recovery kit can include pre-packaged kit such as a harness - most often a full-body harness with leg loops, shoulder and chest straps.

    Included in fall and fall recovery kits is equipment like a lanyard and rope with D-Ring or carabiners/karabiners, restraints, rope grabs and anchors, anchor points including safety equipment bags. Rescue kits include all this fall protection equipment with additional rescue equipment to aid fall rescue with rescue attachments important when a rescue needs confined space equipment.

    Fall arrest equipment is also available as individual safety fall protection equipment, every piece of equipment for every fall possibility.

    We have available individual harnesses and vests, lanyards, carabiners/karabiners, lifelines and self-retracting lifelines, ropes and rope grabs, anchor and anchor points, ascenders, descenders, slings, every attachment to improve your safety when working at height.

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