Hose Protectors

Hose protectors are materials or devices that are used to protect hoses or their connectors from damage. Using hose protectors can prevent costly down time and replacements due to hose failure.

Popular Types:
• Hose wrap: Hose wrap is a spiral piece of plastic that fits the diameter and length of your hose. It is sometimes called ’spiral wrap’ or ’plastic wrap’. It is easy to install, and you do not always need to remove the hose to install it. Hose wrap can be bought in longer lengths up to 20 metres, but it is possible to purchase smaller lengths that have already been cut down to size.
• Hose connection protectors: These are within the region of 10 centimetres long and specifically protect the hose and clamp connection from damage.

What do hose protectors do?
Hose protectors defend against abrasion, vibration, rubbing and many are shock resistant. Some options help to reinforce hoses by making them more crush resistant. Some hose wraps also offer protection against oil, acid and solvents, UV Rays and other contaminants in the atmosphere. While many hose wraps are black, some are brightly coloured to help prevent tripping.

Despite the added durability, hose protectors still enable full flexibility of the hose, and do not impact its functionality in any way.

What are hose protectors used for?
- Hydraulic hoses
- Industrial hoses
- Pneumatic hoses
- Hose assemblies
- Wire management

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Omschrijving Prijs Hose Size Compatibility Length Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Material Maximum Compatible Hose Size Minimum Compatible Hose Size
RS-stocknr. 125-9317
FabrikantMerlett Plastics
€ 65,60
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12 → 18mm 20m 13mm 16.2mm PVC 18mm 12mm
RS-stocknr. 125-9320
FabrikantMerlett Plastics
€ 267,05
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35 → 75mm 20m 43.5mm 49.5mm PVC 75mm 35mm
RS-stocknr. 125-9318
FabrikantMerlett Plastics
€ 70,33
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16 → 26mm 20m 16mm 19.5mm PVC 26mm 16mm
RS-stocknr. 135-8858
FabrikantnummerECP S11417
€ 6,31
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14 → 17mm 100mm - 29.5mm - 17mm 14mm
RS-stocknr. 135-8859
FabrikantnummerECP S11720
€ 6,52
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17 → 20mm 110mm - 33mm - 20mm 17mm
RS-stocknr. 186-0587
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 132,80
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23 → 25mm 25m 22mm 25mm - 25mm 23mm
RS-stocknr. 125-9319
FabrikantMerlett Plastics
€ 156,58
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27 → 35mm 20m 27mm 32.2mm PVC 35mm 27mm
RS-stocknr. 881-0495
FabrikantPhoenix Contact
€ 33,63
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- 62.9mm - - - - -