Hydraulic Test Points

Hydraulic test points are devices used to monitor and control pressure in low- or high-pressure and vacuum systems. They have a leak-proof sealing connection and can be coupled directly to a pressurised system.

What are hydraulic test points used for?

Hydraulic test points are used in most hydraulic systems for the purpose of pressure testing. Applications include hydraulic and gas monitoring, pressure monitoring and bleeding cylinders. They enable connection to pressure gauges, allow venting of air from hydraulic systems and are used in the pressure control of fluids and contamination sampling. They can also be used to monitor and control static and peak pressures.

How do hydraulic test points work?

Hydraulic test pointscan be quickly and easily connected to pressure gauges or test hoses. They're fitted with protective metal caps and a securing chain. Their compact design means they can be conveniently fitted in restricted spaces. Hydraulic test pointsprovide a metering point for quick, simple and safe measurement of high, low or negative pressure systems. They can be coupled and uncoupled under pressure without system shutdown.

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