Hydraulic Hose & Fitting Assemblies

Hydraulic hoses are flexible hoses that is used to transport fluid from one component to another within a hydraulic mechanism or machine. Hoses are graded. The hoses tend to be made of three layers,
Inner tube - this is the internal part of the hose. It needs to be compatible with the type of fluid that it will be transferring, so as to avoid corrosion.
Reinforcement – this is a layer that surrounds the inner tube; made from wire which is either coiled or braided. This both supports and protects the inner tube
Outer Layer- The outer layer of the hydraulic hose is made of rigid materials which keep the internal contents safe and avoids the elements having any effect on the workings
Used in
● Agriculture
● Mining
● Construction
● Manufacturing
● Aerospace

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Omschrijving Prijs Overall Length Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Connector A Connector B Inner Hose Material Reinforcing Material Cover Material Maximum Operating Pressure Connector B - Thread Standard Connector A - Angle Connector B - Thread Size Connector A - Thread Standard Connector B - Gender
RS-stocknr. 448-5916
€ 30,79
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1800mm - 1/4in Straight G 1/4 Female Straight G 1/4 Female Synthetic Rubber Steel Synthetic Rubber 400 bar G Straight 1/4in G Female
RS-stocknr. 448-6442
€ 17,50
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317mm - 3/8in Straight G 3/8 Female 90° Elbow G 3/8 Female Synthetic Rubber Steel Synthetic Rubber 330 bar G Straight 3/8in G Female
RS-stocknr. 448-6701
€ 41,09
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527mm - 3/4in Straight G 3/4 Female 90° Elbow G 3/4 Female Synthetic Rubber Steel Synthetic Rubber 215 bar G Straight 3/4in G Female