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    Compressed Air Accessories

    Compressed air accessories are designed to work alongside compressed air piping and fitting connections. Our range of high-quality accessories will assist with any installation and maintenance of compressed air piping systems.

    What types of compressor accessories are available?

    We offer a range of accessories including connection hoses, specialist tools, brackets, and fixing clips to ensure the installation of your compressed air system is quick and easy.

    Fixing clips - Fixing clips are used to secure rigid aluminium pipes to brackets, walls, or suspension beams.

    Tightening Spanners & Wrenches – These tools provide extra grip and ensure the safe tightening of compressed air pipes during installation.

    Brackets – Wall mounting brackets with various numbers or outlets to assist with multiple piping systems.

    Cutting and chamfering tools – Cutting tools to accurately cut pipes to the desired length. Chamfering tools to chamfer the external edge of the pipe and avoid damage to the seal.

    Deburring tool – Used to remove any sharp edges and burrs from drilled holes.

    Connection Hoses – With swivel connections for joining filters, air regulators and cylinders to your piping network.

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