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    Tyre Inflators

    Tyre Inflators are also known as tyre pumps and are a hand-held device designed to inflate tyres on all types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes. Tyre Inflators are an essential tool for any mechanic or garage, they are so robust that they can be dropped without risk of damage. We offer an exclusive PCL range of highly accurate pressure gauge tyre inflators, offering high performance both indoor and outdoor.

    How do Tyre Inflators work?

    Tyre Inflators are easy to use, simply connect an air-line from an air compressor, connect the hose from the inflator to the tyre valve, read your tyre pressure via the pressure gauge, press the trigger until you reach the required pressure.

    What are the different types of tyre inflators?

    • Analogue; A hand held mechanical tyre inflator features a user-friendly dial display gauge.
    • Digital; A hand held tyre inflator features a user-friendly digital display gauge for improved accuracy.

    What are Tyre Inflators compatible with?

    Tyre Inflators are compatible with an air compressor. Each tyre inflator has a max psi range so choosing the correct tyre inflator for your application is very important.

    What are PSI and bar?

    These are units of measure for pressure. Psi stands for 'Pounds per Square Inch while bar is equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level defined a kilopascal (1 bar = 14.5 PSI approx.).

    Application Information

    Use tyre inflators in any tyre-shop, garage, car dealer or transport depots. Please be advised that keeping tyre pressures at the correct psi improves safety, improves performance and reduces fuel costs.

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