Power Tool Kits

Power tool kits are a great acquisition if you require multiple tools for a particular job, investing in a range of power tools usually housed in a convenient carry bag or toolbox. Having a tool kit that is all of the same brands ensures that the batteries work across all of the tools allowing for seamless use. Cordless power tool kits and cordless twin packs allow your working life without the restriction of cables.

RS Components have a range of power kits available, with a number of variations that suit the variety of jobs that need to be undertaken. Whether you require a kit with six tools for a comprehensive selection or just a twin pack to bolster your tool selection.

Power tool kits are manufactured from some of the leading brands such as Makita, Bosch and DeWalt. Whether you're a carpenter, electrician or plumber you will find a power tool kit from RS Components.

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Omschrijving Prijs Kit Type Kit Contents Corded/Cordless Number of Items Battery Type Brushed/Brushless Motor Battery Charge Time Battery Capacity Number of Batteries Plug Type Voltage
RS-stocknr. 200-5604
€ 392,33
Aantal stuks
- - Cordless - Li-Ion - - 5Ah 1, 2 Type G - British 3-pin 18V
RS-stocknr. 195-4822
€ 215,07
Aantal stuks
- - Cordless - Li-Ion Brushed - 2Ah 2 Type G - British 3-pin 12V
RS-stocknr. 179-7395
€ 308,54
Aantal stuks
- - Cordless - Li-Ion Brushed - 1.3Ah 2 Type G - British 3-pin 18V