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    Welding Accessories

    Welding accessories are used to help make welding safer, easier and more efficient. They can be used with many types of welding tools, including arc welders, MIG welders, inverters, TIG welders and other types of welding tools. Accessories include cutting nozzles, electrode holders, welding wires, consumables refills and safety equipment, such as heat shields and safe guards.

    What are the most common welding accessories?

    • Magnetic holders such as earth clamps and holder clamps - these allow you to securely position and fix your materials during welding, allowing you to focus both hands on your welding.
    • Electrode holders - designed to mechanically hold a welding electrode in position.
    • Electrodes - used to conduct current through a workpiece to fuse two pieces together.
    • Chipping hammers - for removing any excess welding splatters.
    • MIG welding wire - to enable you to form a solid, long-lasting weld.
    • Torch tips - as they're subject to considerable usage, it's important to regularly maintain and replace your torch tips to keep the surface smooth.
    • Welding curtains - safety gear which helps prevent welders or bystanders from getting injured. Since welding involves volatile gases, proper ventilation is required during the process. Welding curtains can be hung in strips or panels to reduce the chance of injury to other workers in the area.
    • Welding accessory kits - can include welding wire in various sizes and torch kits with tips, shrouds and liners.
    • Argon and CO2 disposable bottles - for use with portable MIG and TIG welding machines to keep your machine running when you're out of the workshop.

    With products from leading industry names such as Antex, CEMONT, GCE, Portasol, SIP and our own professional brand, RS PRO, you can be sure to find what you're looking for in our wide range of welding accessories and equipment at RS.

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