Interface Relay Modules & Accessories

Interface relay modules are electrical relays used with components that are isolated from each other, and that cannot be set up with a direct connection between them due to differences in electrical potential or voltage ratings.

In this scenario, our extensive range of interface relay modules will work to guarantee you a safe and reliable digital signal transmission between key components in your automated systems.

What types of accessories for interface relay modules are available online?

We stock an advanced selection of accessories for interface relay modules, including:
  • Interface relay module busbars and jumper bars, for use with various sorts of signal conditioners and rail/chassis terminal blocks
  • Interface relay module test plugs, for use with various relay and socket types, featuring a choice of diode types including LEDs
Note that the appropriate type of accessory must be purchased for the right sort of module - this can vary depending on a number of interface relay module specifications and parameters, including:
  • Brand (leading manufacturers in our range include ABB, Phoenix Contact, Finder, Hongfa Europe GMBH, Omron, etc)
  • Coil voltage
  • Contact configuration
  • Switching and load current
  • Terminal type
  • Input resistance, current and voltage range
  • Control resistance

How does an interface relay module work?

Typical uses of interface relay modules include a range of modern power installations, including large radio-electronic/electro-physical systems and X-ray machinery.

Interface relay modules are provided with galvanic isolation (amplifying and isolating signals) between the receiving and final controlling systems of the relay. This helps to protect the signals from any interference, guarantee electrical/information compatibility.

A good quality interface relay module also allows the system to implement the required algorithms for interaction of functional components in special control instruments.

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