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    Communication & Wireless Module ICs

    Communication & wireless modules ICs (integrated circuits) are electronic devices that are used in general telecommunication and wireless networking modules that enable transmission, reception and analysis of data and signals.

    What types of communication & wireless modules ICs are there?

    Communication & wireless modules ICs have a wide range of different types of functions such as;

    • Modulator & Demodulator ICs
    • RF ICs
    • RF Modules
    • Wi-Fi Modules
    • GNSS & GPS Modules
    • Prescalers
    • WPAN
    • LPWAN
    • Bluetooth Modules
    • Networking Modules
    • Up-Down Converter & Mixer Circuits
    • Variable Attenuators


    Communication & wireless modules ICs are widely used in an array of applications such as;

    • Automotive alarm systems and Burglar alarms utilise Modulator & Demodulator ICs and RF (radio frequency) ICs.
    • Medical and handheld devices all use wifi modules as part of their construction, this allows these devices to wireless communications systems.
    • Mobile phones, Tablets and smart watches all utilise GPS Modules in order for them to determine their current location.
    • Measurement and monitoring systems and Industrial sensors and controls make use of bluetooth modules to allow wireless compatibility functions.