Spill Kits

Emergency response spill kits allow fast action to prevent damage to your home, work premises, the environment and your reputation. Spill kits are available in several application types, from simple spills to more problematic leaks such as chemicals and oils. They are supplied with the essential protection equipment and the absorbent material required for each substance, including water, sewage, chemicals, oil and other hazardous materials.

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Omschrijving Prijs Kit Contents Application Absorbent Capacity Size Range
RS-stocknr. 765-218
€ 63,53
Aantal stuks
- Hazardous Liquid - 5 L -
RS-stocknr. 168-529
FabrikantnummerSK 5
€ 62,22
1 Kit
Cushion, Disposable Bag, Sheet x 10, Tie Chemical - - -