Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers measure temperature using a probe, and give a digital reading via a screen. They are easy to use with a simple display interface. The type of sensor determines how the thermometer works, for example resistance temperature detector (RTD), thermocouples and thermistors.
Probe thermometers are a popular type of thermometer as they provide instant temperature readings. By placing the pointed probe into the sample you are testing, you can ensure it is the right temperature to meet any necessary standards.

There are a range of different probes which will vary in shape, size and material.
Digital thermometers are becoming increasingly popular in comparison to a liquid thermometer and they provide better accuracy and ease of use. Calibration is highly recommended for professional applications which require an accurate reading.
Handheld thermometers are great for portability, whereas panel-mount devices are a more permanent solution.

Uses for Digital Thermometers:
  • Food industry
  • Hygiene testing
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Heating & ventilation
  • Scientific research
  • Medical testing
  • General purpose temperature monitoring

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Omschrijving Prijs Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement Calibrated Thermometer Type Probe Type Application Best Accuracy Number of Temperature Inputs Resolution Data Storage Length Width Height Dimensions Minimum/Maximum Recordings
RS-stocknr. 667-2052
FabrikantTM Electronics
€ 499,70
Aantal stuks
+1820°C - Handheld E, J, K, N, R, S, T Bluetooth Communication ±0.2 °C 1 0.1 °C - 160mm 50mm 30mm 160 x 50 x 30mm -
RS-stocknr. 913-2620
Fabrikantnummer0563 1557
€ 419,00
Aantal stuks
+150°C - Handheld NTC Transport ±0.5 °C 2 0.1 °C - 279.4mm 133.4mm 76.2mm 279.4 x 133.4 x 76.2mm -
RS-stocknr. 536-6204
Fabrikantnummer0560 7351
€ 285,00
Aantal stuks
+1760°C - Handheld PT100 - 0.2 % 3 0.05 °C Yes 220mm 73.9mm 46mm 220 x 73.9 x 46mm Yes
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