Rodsaw Blades

Rodsaw blades are the cutting component of rodsaws - handheld cutting saws commonly used for cutting materials such as limestone, carbon fibre and fibreglass.

How do rodsaw blades work?

Unlike a typical saw blade which features jagged teeth (like a hacksaw blade) a rodsaw blade is made up of a length of wire saturated with abrasive grit. This is useful as it allows the blade to cut in any direction and means that it's easier to make circular cuts or cuts at an angle.

Rodsaws blades are usually made from tungsten carbide welded to a mild steel rod. This makes them almost unbreakable and capable of cleanly and quickly cutting carbon fibre and other materials without 'fraying' or 'crazing' (cracking) the material being cut. You can also fit the blade to a standard hacksawframe.

What are rodsaw blades used for?

You can use your rodsaw blade for tasks such as cutting out recesses in scoops, cutting holes for dials and switches in panels and cutting holes for speakers. They can also be used as an alternative to hot wire cutters.

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RS-stocknr. 541-7245
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 9,49
Aantal stuks
300 mm Yes Tungsten Carbide
RS-stocknr. 541-7239
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 5,54
Aantal stuks
150 mm Yes Tungsten Carbide