Solder Pastes

Solder paste is a type of solder used when manufacturing PCBs to connect surface mount components to pads on the board. The paste is a mixture of small solder spheres with flux.
The paste initially adheres components in place because of its stickiness. You then use heat to melt the paste to form a mechanical bond and an electrical connection.
Solder paste is applied to the board by stencil printing and the components are put in place by a pick and place machine or by hand.
Why use a solder paste?
Defects in circuit-board assembly are caused due to issues in the solder-paste printing process or due to defects in the solder paste. This can give short circuits, incomplete circuits, and head on pillow defects.
How to use Solder paste
• Remove oil, grease, polishing compound and any excessive oxides from the joint. Make sure that the joint is smooth, flat and free from any burs.
• Apply the solder paste to the top joint. The paste will not fill large gaps so make sure that the pieces to be soldered actually touch.
• Apply heat to the piece away from the joint, keep the heat source moving too prevent overheating the paste.
• Once the paste flows remove the heat source

Typical Applications
Solder pastes are used in mass production of PCBs and prototype PCB assembly.

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