Fluke 279 FC Handheld Digital Multimeter With RSCAL calibration , 2.5kA ac 1000V ac 1000V dc

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Fluke 279 FC (Fluke Connect) Thermal Multimeter

The 279 FC is a full-featured hand held digital multimeter with integrated thermal imaging and is designed to increase your productivity and confidence. The thermal multimeter helps you find, repair, validate and report many electrical issues quickly so that you are confident problems are solved. This 2 in 1 tool saves time as there is no need for separate instruments.

Infrared camera

Built into the multimeter and works by detecting heat. It identifies hot spots from a distance, denoting over-voltage or mechanical issues, making it safe for the user. This feature is more for detecting problems which can be checked with the multimeter rather than for thermal analysis.

Locate the problem immediately

Thermal imaging multimeters are a first-line troubleshooting tool for electrical equipment that can check hot spots on high-voltage equipment and transformers, detect heating of fuses, wires, insulators, connectors, splices and switches. Scanning with the 279 FC’s thermal imager reveals many electrical issues rapidly and from a safe distance. By combining two tools into one, the thermal multimeter lightens the load and increases productivity. Can measure current with optional iFlex loop and smartphone connectivity with Fluke Connect.

Expanded functionality

Compatible with iFlex® (a flexible current clamp) to expand your measurement capabilities and get into tight, hard to reach spaces for current measurement (up to 2500 A ac). The large full-colour LCD screen makes for easier and clearer viewing of images and readings. The 10 hour+ rechargeable battery keeps you going all day long under normal conditions.

Communicate your results

With built-in Fluke Connect®, transmit wirelessly to a smartphone and save time on reporting to validate work is complete. Troubleshoot better by instantly trending and monitoring measurements live on your smartphone screen. Create and email reports right from the field.

Features and Benefits

• Full-featured multimeter with built-in thermal imager
• 15 measurement functions including: AC voltage with low-pass filter, DC voltage, Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Diode test, Min/Max/Avg, AC current (with iFlex), Frequency
• Thermal imaging reveals many electrical issues quickly and safely, eliminating the need for time-consuming testing and validation
• 2 in 1 tool is designed to increase productivity – no need to go back to the truck or office to retrieve a shared camera or wait for the thermographer
• iFlex expands your measurement capabilities – get into tight, hard to reach spaces for current measurement (up to 2500 A AC)
• Save measurements and images while communicating wirelessly with a smartphone up to 20 feet / 6.1 m away (no obstructions)
• Image resolution–80 x 60
• 3.5 in /8.89 cm colour LCD screen
• Rechargeable lithium ion battery
• Auto power off to save battery power, dimmable screen
• Safety rated: CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V measurement category
• Optional accessories: Fluke i2500-10 (705-1945) or i2500- 18 (705-1954) iFlex® Flexible Current Probes, Fluke BC500TDMM AC Power charger and Fluke BP500 Lithium-ion Battery 3000 mAh
• Designed for durability, built to withstand a 3 m (9.8 ft) drop, double insulated with raised rubber holster for increased protection

Who would benefit from this tool?

Plant maintenance engineers - they can quickly analyse motors, compressors, panel boards, tap off service boxes etc.
Trades people - any setting where efficiency and productivity are essential

Advantages of using the 279 FC

Great functionality with the combined infrared detector and digital multimeter
Large screen, colour display
Good resolution
Can record remotely with Fluke Connect/smartphone
Good level of accuracy on multimeter ranges
Powerful lithium ion battery

What is the difference between the Fluke 279 and 289?

Both models have a large screen. However the 279 is an infrared multimeter and the 289 is a multimeter with data logging functionality.



Supplied with

Fluke 279 FC TRMS multimeter, TL75 test leads and rechargeable lithium ion battery and charger.

Kenmerk Waarde
Multimeter Type Handheld
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement 2.5kA ac
Calibrated RSCAL
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement 50MΩ
Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement 1000V ac
Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement 1000V dc
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement +200 (Infrared Camera)°C
Absolute Maximum Capacitance Measurement 9.999F
Functions Measured AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, Continuity, DC Voltage, Diode, Frequency, Resistance
True RMS Yes
Maximum Frequency 999.9Hz
Display Type LCD
Model Number p 279 FC
AC Current Measurement Resolution 0.1A
Resistance Measurement Resolution 100mΩ
AC Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.1mV
DC Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.001V
Capacitance Measurement Resolution 1nF
Temperature Measurement Resolution 0.1 (Infrared Camera)°C
Height 57mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Best Capacitance Measurement Accuracy 1.2% + 2 Digits
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ± 5 (Infrared camera) %
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy 0.5% + 2 Digits
Battery Type Li-ion
Safety Category Voltage 600 V, 1000 V
Safety Category Level CAT III, CAT IV
Weight 800g
Battery Life 10 h
Best DC Voltage Accuracy 0.09% + 2 Digits
Dimensions 216 x 94 x 57mm
Length 216mm
Best AC Voltage Accuracy 1% + 3 Digits
Best AC Current Accuracy 3% + 5 Digits
Width 94mm
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