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RS PRO RS14 Handheld LCD Digital Multimeter, AC Current, AC Voltage, DC Current, DC Voltage, Resistance, Temperature ,

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RS PRO RS14 Digital Multimeter

The RS PRO RS14 digital multimeter (DMM) is a handheld tool which can measure capacitance, voltage, electrical current and resistance with diode and continuity check. There is also a “hold” function available in the compact design making it very user-friendly. The multimeter is also CAT III rated for 600V.

With built-in non-contact AC voltage detection, this battery-powered device is great for continuity and portability. A robust, double-moulded, plastic housing provides ultimate protection from harsh environments. Included with the multimeter itself are integral test leads, 29V battery, type K temperature probe and a user manual. The R14 is RS Approved, meaning not only is it great value for money, but you can rely on its quality.

Features and Benefits:

• Compact and handheld
• Digital 2000 count LCD display
• 3-year warranty
• 104 x 70 x 48mm dimension
• Continuity tester
• Functions measured: AC and DC Current, AC and DC Voltage, Resistance, Temperature Measurement

Typical Applications:
A digital multimeter is a handy test tool that measures electrical values such as voltage, current, and resistance. A DMM is used by technicians in the following areas:
Electrical and electronic industries

Safety guidelines
When using any electrical test equipment it is advised that you refer to the user’s manual for proper working operating procedures and safety precautions in order to avoid potential safety hazards.

What is the difference between an analogue and a digital multimeter?
The main difference is the display. A digital multimeter will show the results as numbers on a screen (usually a LED or LCD screen) whereas the analogue version has a needle to show the value.

Calibrated options:

123-1938 (Non-calibrated)
123-1998 (UKAS)
123-1997 (RSCAL)


EN61010-1 CAT III 600 V

Supplied with

Multimeter TypeHandheld
Absolute Maximum AC Current Measurement10A ac
Absolute Maximum DC Current Measurement10A dc
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement20MΩ
Absolute Maximum AC Voltage Measurement600V ac
Absolute Maximum DC Voltage Measurement600V dc
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement+1000 °C, +1832 °F
Functions MeasuredAC Current, AC Voltage, DC Current, DC Voltage, Resistance, Temperature
True RMSNo
Maximum Frequency60Hz
Display TypeLCD
Model Number pRS14
AC Current Measurement Resolution0.1µA ac
DC Current Measurement Resolution0.1µA dc
Resistance Measurement Resolution100mΩ
AC Voltage Measurement Resolution0.1mV ac
DC Voltage Measurement Resolution0.1mV dc
Temperature Measurement Resolution1 °F, 1 °C
Best DC Voltage Accuracy±0.5% ± 2 Digits
Best DC Current Accuracy±1% ± 3 Digits
Best Resistance Measurement Accuracy±1% ± 2 Digits
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy±3% + 8 Digits, ±3% ± 5 Digits
Best AC Current Accuracy±1.5% ± 5 Digits
Battery Type9V, IEC 6F22, NEDA 1604
Best AC Voltage Accuracy±1.2% ± 3 Digits
Minimum Operating Temperature0°C
Safety Category Voltage600 V, 1000 V
Maximum Operating Temperature+50°C
Safety Category LevelCAT III
Dimensions70 x 48 x 150mm