FTDI Chip USB to RS485 Interface Board, USB-RS485-PCBA

  • RS-stocknr. 687-7837
  • Fabrikantnummer USB-RS485-PCBA
  • Fabrikant FTDI Chip
Wetgeving en compliance

USB to RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Converter PCB, FTDI Chip

These USB to RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 converters provide a fast and simple method to convert serial UART to USB. The USB connector contains a small circuit board featuring the FTDI FT232RQ (RS 730-0168) serial UART interface IC to handle all the USB signalling and protocols. There are two LEDs to indicate data being received and transmitted.

The RS-232 has a maximum UART Baud Rate of 1 Mbaud while the RS-422 and RS-485 both have a maximum of 3 Mbaud.

These converters are supported with Microsoft WHQL certified VCP drivers for Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux. All of which are available, royalty-free from FTDI website. http://www.ftdichip.com

Versions Available:
(687-7825) - USB to RS232 UART Serial Converter
(687-7840) - USB to RS422 UART Serial Converter
(687-7837) - USB to RS485 UART Serial Converter

The FTDI Chip USB-RS485-PCBA is a USB to RS485 converter. It consists of a USB connector mounted onto a PCB. This PCB houses the FTDI Chip FT232RQ chip and enables you to connect to devices with an RS232 serial interface, quickly and easily. The PCB handles the entire USB protocol.

What is it used for?
The USB-RS485-PCBA can be used for upgrading peripherals to USB or to interface a microcontroller UART or I/O to USB, for example. This device can also be used for industrial control via USB or for password protecting files when transferring them.

What type of USB connector is it?
The USB-RS485-PCBA features a male USB type-A connector which is USB 2.0 full speed compatible.

How secure is it?
The USB-RS485-PCBA houses the FT232RQ which has a unique USB serial number programmed into it. This can be used to create password-protected file transfers.

How is it powered?
The USB-RS485-PCBA is powered via the USB connector so there is no need for an additional power supply.

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