Osram Opto LRTB R48G, Multi CHIPLED 475 (Blue) nm, 539 (True Green) nm, 627 (Red) nm 3 Green & Red LED, SMT SMD package

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The Multi CHIPLED RGB LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, features 3 dies (red, true green and blue) which can be controlled separately to produce various colours including white. These multi-chip packages have a black body which offer an enhanced contrast.Applications for the LTRB R8SF CHIPLED include: Pachinko machines, coupling into light guides, backlighting for LCDs, switches, keys, illuminated advertising and general lighting.

Features of the Multi CHIPLED LEDs:
RGB multi-chip LEDs
Operating temperature range: -40 to +85°C
Compact SMT package: 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.95 mm

This device is especially designed for full color video walls. The 4-lead common anode technology admits an additive mixture of color stimuli by independent driving of each chip. Very compact package size fits best for high resolution narrow pitch video walls.

package: SMT package, epoxy resin
color: red/true green/ blue, 623 nm (red),
530 nm (true green), 471 nm (blue)
viewing angle: Lambertian Emitter (120°)
Chip technology: InGaAlP(red),
InGaN (true green, blue)
soldering methods: reflow solderable
ESD-withstand voltage: sensitive device
Indoor Video Walls
full color display


Amber LEDs – Originally designed for use in automotive brake-light applications, OSRAM amber LEDs can appear red due to a high dominant wavelength value. Refer to a dominant wavelength colour chart to find your chosen LED colour.

Kenmerk Waarde
LED Colours Green, Red
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Number of LEDs 3
Forward Voltage 3.4 V
Luminous Intensity 71 (Blue) mcd, 140 (Red) mcd, 315 (True Green) mcd
Viewing Angle 120 °
Dominant Wavelength 475 (Blue) nm, 539 (True Green) nm, 627 (Red) nm
Dimensions 1 x 0.65 x 1mm
Forward Current 10mA
Series Multi CHIPLED
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500 - 900
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5000 - 11900
€ 0,098
€ 9,80
12000 +
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€ 9,30
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