Ambersil Lubricant Copper 400 ml Perma-Lock FG Aerosol,Food Safe

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Perma-Lock Assembly Paste FG

Ambersil Perma-Lock high solid assembly paste has been formulated for you to use in the food processing industry. The tenacious multi-purpose paste provides instant lubrication to your bearings and sliding surface.

Features and Benefits

Fixed and secure spray straw
Compatible with most grease types
Prevents metal on metal damage
Protects against scuffing during assembly
Effective from -30°C to +150°C as a lubricant, and up to 1100°C as an anti-seize compound


Refer to datasheet and MSDS for more information


NSF H1 registered (N° 139900)

Ambersil Perma-Lock Food Grade Range

All industries have issues with lubricant leakage and maintenance. Production equipment needs excellent lubrication to keep machines running, so choosing the correct lubricant is crucial.

The food processing and pharmaceutical industries have extra challenges with ensuring that the lubricants used resist degradation from food products, chemicals and steam/water. They must exhibit a neutral behaviour towards plastics and elastometers, have the ability to dissolve sugars and complying with current food/health and safety regulations meaning that they are physiologically inert, tasteless and odourless.

The Perma-Lock range from Ambersil is a non-detachable, 2 way spray system meaning that nothing can fall off. The new look food processing safe products have been designed to reduce the risk of food contamination and expensive recalls.
Perma-Lock lubricants and oils all have a secure spray straw that locks in place giving you better control and precise application whatever position you use.

Kenmerk Waarde
Package Size 400 ml
Trade Name Perma-Lock FG
Lubricant Type Copper
Application Food Industry
Category Multi-purpose
Package Type Aerosol
Food Processing Safe Yes
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