WD-40 250 ml Aerosol Oil

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  • Fabrikant WD-40
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Land van herkomst: GB

WD-40 Multipurpose Spray

Silicon-free substance with five characteristics, replaces expensive special sprays
As a contact spray, replaces moisture of electric assemblies, prevents leakage current
As a cleaner, dissolves and removes stubborn remnants of oil, fat and adhesives
As a rust remover, infiltrates seized-up bolted connections
Extra protection against corrosion, through residual, thin protective film on metal parts
As a lubricant, WD-40 prevents squeaking and creaking, and ensures optimal running of moving parts
Available in a range of containers: dispensing pen, spray can, canister or empty 500 ml spray refill bottle
Smart straw, spray can with unique double spray system: precision spray with retractable spray tube, flat spray when tube is folded down
Power can with special valve — 3.5-times spray strength with the same effort, finer distribution, wider angle — for spraying large areas


  • Contains flammable components.
Kenmerk Waarde
Package Size 250 ml
Package Type Aerosol
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