Keysight Technologies Oscilloscope Module Decodes & Analysis DSOX1AUTO

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Keysight DSOX1AUTO Automotive Serial Triggering and Analysis (CAN, LIN) for DSOX1000 Series Oscilloscopes

The automotive serial triggering and analysis (CAN, LIN) option for the Keysight InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes allows you to trigger on either standard or extended CAN message IDs, including the message ID of a remote transfer request frame. It supports triggering on a data frame and allows you to specify message IDs, data and data length for filtering messages of interest. Triggering on active error frames also is supported. In addition, it supports triggering on LIN frame IDs and data, and it includes color-coded parity and check sums errors. You can easily isolate serial packets to find error sources due to hardware or software related problems. This measurement application option works with InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series DSOX1102A and DSOX1102G models.

Features and Benefits

• The fastest throughput oscilloscope solution in its class for triggering and analysing CAN / LIN serial buses using hardware-based architecture • CAN eye-diagram mask testing (standard)
• On-screen serial decode time-correlated with the serial data waveform

Keysight InfiniiVision Series

Keysight InfiniiVision 2000 & 3000 X-Series offers the power of 4 instruments in 1: oscilloscope; logic analyzer; function generator; protocol analyzer. The models are fully upgradable (bandwidth, MSO, WaveGen, memory, measurement applications) to meet future requirements and protect investment.

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For Use With DSOX1102A Digital Oscilloscope, DSOX1102G Digital Oscilloscope
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