Microchip Flyback Controller for MCP19117

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MCP19117 Flyback Demonstration Board

The Microchip MCP19117 Flyback Standalone Evaluation Board is a platform to explore the MCP19117 PWM Controller which combines analogue circuity with a PIC microcontroller core. The board is configured to regulate a load current using a Flyback topology.

Provided is all the needed circuitry to get a working demonstration up and running, with the MCP19117 being pre-programmed with all the required firmware. The Microchip PMBus Monitoring Graphical User Interface (GUI) is used to monitor and configure the MCP19117. Alternatively the MCP19117 can be reprogrammed with user designed firmware through the on-board In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) header.

The featured MCP19117 is a digitally enhanced PWM Controller. The device integrates an 8-bit PIC Microcontroller with a PWM Current Mode Controller to provide a flexible and customisable Buck or Buck/Boost Controller solution. The PWM Controller regulates the output of the DC-DC converter while the MCU dynamically customises the device. Operating parameters, start-up and shut-down profiles, protection levels and fault handling procedures can all be tailored to create a high efficiency Buck or Buck/Boost Converter.


Demonstrates MCP19117 Digitally-Enhanced PWM Controller in a Synchronous Flyback Topology
Pre-programmed with Required Firmware
PMBus Monitoring Graphical User Interface (GUI) to Monitor and Configure MCP19117
Input Voltage Range: 8 V to 24 V
Output Voltage Range: 0 V to 50 V
Adjustable Output Current: 1 mA to 500 mA
ICSP Header for Customising MCP19117 Firmware – MBLAB X IDE Compatible
I2C Header

Kit Contents

1 x MCP19117 Flyback Evaluation Board

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Controllers, Microchip

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Power Management Function Flyback Controller
Kit Classification Development Board
Featured Device MCP19117
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