Infineon KITXMCDPEXP01TOBO1 XMC Digital Power Power Management for XMC4000/XMC1000

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  • Fabrikantnummer KITXMCDPEXP01TOBO1
  • Fabrikant Infineon
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XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit (Würth IC-744726)

The Infineon XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit is aimed at analogue power supply designers and embedded software programmers who need to develop power control applications based on digital hardware. The supplied digital power board provides the analogue components of a synchronous buck converter and includes on-board resistive load banks for design testing purposes. Two alternative plug-in microcontroller control cards are also provided enabling both high-performance and low-cost designs to be evaluated. The development of more complex power management systems may be investigated by using the PMBus communication option.
The kit was developed in collaboration with Biricha Digital Ltd. and Würth Elektronik using the RS DesignSpark PCB tool and is the course hardware for related Biricha design courses.
Würth Elektronik list the kit under their part no. IC-744726.

Digital Power Explorer Board
BSC0924NDI dual N-channel (high-side and low-side) OptiMOS™ MOSFET
IRS2011SPBF high-side and low-side MOSFET gate driver
IFX1763XEJ V33 LDO voltage regulator supplying 3.3Vdc @ 500mA
On-board resistive load banks
PMBus™ communication option
DAVE™ Software support -

XMC4200 Microcontroller Control Card
XMC4200 80MHz Cortex-M4F core microcontroller with 256KB eFlash ECC memory, 40KB SRAM
On-chip DSP and floating-point maths hardware
High-resolution PWM (150ps) generation
3 x analogue comparators with automatic slope generation (10-bit resolution) and smart post-processing

XMC1302 Microcontroller Control Card
XMC1302 32MHz Cortex-M0 core microcontroller with 200KB Flash memory, 16KB SRAM
On-chip MATH CORDIC co-processor for trigonometric functions and hardware divide


  • The resistive load banks can get very hot.
Kenmerk Waarde
Power Management Function Power Management
Kit Classification Evaluation Kit
Featured Device XMC4000/XMC1000
Kit Name XMC Digital Power
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