Clicker 2 PSoC6 Dev Board with mikroBUS

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Clicker 2 Development Board featuring PSoC6 MCU and mikroBUS

Bridging the gap between expensive, power hungry application processors and low performance MCUs, PSoC 6 MCUs deliver advanced compute performance for energy-conscious devices like IoT endpoints or other small battery-powered objects. Its dual-core architecture combines an ARM® Cortex® M4 and an ARM® Cortex® M0+ on the same chip, delivering flexibility to assign tasks for optimum performance and power-efficiency.

Its flexible architecture enables interfacing with different types of sensors and creating custom interfaces. Lightweight, state-of-the-art security based on trusted execution environment (TEE) provides protection including secure boot, secure data storage, and advanced cryptographic algorithms without the overhead of external memory or a secure element.

Developers can now quickly bring their PSoC 6 projects to life using the new Clicker 2 development kit. The board contains a PSoC 63 Connectivity Line device, which is Bluetooth® 5 compliant and simplifies interfacing with many different types of devices.

Two separate mikroBUS(TM) interface headers ensure ample expandability using MikroElektronika click boards(TM). Literally hundreds of click boards are available, each with working example code, giving easy access to functions such as GSM, GPS/GNSS, motor control, sub-GHz or 2.4GHz radio, speech recognition, sensors, meters, LCD or OLED displays, and many more. The option to add two click boards simultaneously to Clicker 2 for PSoC 6 doubles expandability and saves users making either-or decisions.

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