250 W Diffused Elliptical SON-E Lamp, GES/E40, 2000K, 90mm

  • RS-stocknr. 234-165
  • Fabrikantnummer S250
  • Fabrikant Osram
Wetgeving en compliance

Elliptical SON-E

Elliptical style lamps with diffuse finish
Internal Ignitor types available
Lucalox versions have an amalgam reservoir which slows the rise in tube voltage, a chief cause of lamp failure
SON-E Shatteproof versions are suitable for food preparation areas etc., and are FDA approved
SON-E Twin Arc versions greatly extend lamp life and allow for hot re-strike after power failure

Discharge SON Lamps

These lamps combine high efficiency and long life with an improvement in colour appearance and rendering compared with low pressure lamps. SON lamps emit a golden-white light. The SON-T lamp, with its clear tubular outer envelope, lends itself to applications that demand precise optical control, e.g. floodlighting. The SON-E lamp, with its elliptical glass bulb, inside which a white diffusing coating is applied, suits other applications where such accuracy of light control is not so essential. An ignitor (internal or external) is used to supply the high voltage necessary for lamp strike up. Reliable strike up (when hot, less than 60 seconds) thus is ensured, and a simple choke is used to stop excessive voltage rise. The run-up time can be up to 6 minutes when cold.

Kenmerk Waarde
Wattage 250 W
Lamp Base GES/E40
Lamp Shape Elliptical
Lamp Finish Diffused
Length 226 mm
Diameter 90mm
Luminosity 27000 lm
Luminous Efficacy 108lm/W
Colour Rendering 25
Colour Temperature 2000K
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