Keysight Technologies 33502A RF Amplifier, 50V Pk-Pk

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Keysight 2-Channel 50Vpp High Voltage Amplifier

The Keysight 33502A offers engineers in R&D and manufacturing a convenient way of using their existing function generators to create accurate and reliable signal sources at higher voltages. The 33502A can be independently configured with input coupling (AC, DC) and input impedance (50Ω, 1MΩ) to match specific circuits. Its input path can be switched from amplified to direct (unamplified) without removing or reconnecting cables. The 33502A has a two-unit, half-rack mechanical form factor, which fits well as a bench-top unit or in a test system, and is configured with LAN (LXI Class-C compliant) and USB interfaces. It provides both a programmable interface and a soft-key-driven front panel.

Full power BW 100kHz @ 50Vpp
Small-signal BW >300kHz
Slew rate 20V/ms minimum
THD+N <0.01% @ 10kHz, 40Vpp
Output drive 200mA maximum
Isolation: floats ±42Vpk to earth


Suitable for use with Agilent function/arbitrary waveform generators including the 33120A, 33210A (667-2591 ), 33220A (667-2597 ) and 33250A (667-2594 ), and to amplify signals from non-Agilent function and arbitrary waveform generators.



External Output Amplifiers

Kenmerk Waarde
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Output Impedance 1MΩ
Output Voltage 50V Pk-Pk
Dimensions 303.2 x 261.2 x 103.8mm
Weight 3.1kg
Height 103.8mm
Length 303.2mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Width 261.2mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Model Number p 33502A
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