Stanley FatMax Plastic Scraper

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Stanley FatMax Glass Scraper

Introducing the Stanley professional glass scraper for the removal of paint, glue and debris. The hand scraper features a wide blade with a detachable blade guard for when the scraper is not in use, while the body of the scraper is a hardwearing plastic handle for greater durability and visibility, even in low light conditions. This is an essential piece of equipment for any professional or amateur decorator for greater efficiency and completing the task to a professional standard.

Features and Benefits:

• This professional standard glass scraper has been designed for heavy-duty use and is supplied with a rectangular, replaceable blade
• The heavy-duty plastic body of the scraper provides an ergonomic handle when in use and features a removable blade guard that can be put on to safely protect the blade when not in use
• When the blade guard is fitted, the scraper also doubles up as a windscreen ice scraper, making it a versatile tool to have at your disposal
• This scraper is ideal for decorating and DIY jobs like removing paint, glue and other debris as part of preparation work
• The blade can be replaced with any standard 1992 trimming knife blade


These razor-sharp scrapers can be used within a variety of applications from cutting, scraping, removing paint from glass, or simply general cleaning. These scrapers have been developed for experienced professionals and DIY enthusiasts and are an ideal tool when preparing surfaces including walls, floors, ceilings, as well as roofing applications and the removal of wallpaper and vinyl tiles. Scrapers are available in different materials and with different accessories for efficiency and ease of us, dependant on the task they are used for. Common uses for scrapers are:
• Professional painting and decorating
• Building and Construction

Is the blade replaceable?

Yes, the blade is replaceable – the scraper is compatible with any standard 1992 (60mm) blades


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