Weller WR 3000M Soldering Station, 230V

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  • Fabrikant Weller
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Weller WR 3000M Soldering Station Set

Introducing the WR 3000M from Weller, this digitally controlled soldering station can independently control the power of three different tools. Push buttons provide easy temperature control for your soldering application and other functions such as vacuum tools. The WR 3000M station supports 3 tools up to 360 W (400 W), with additional ports for pick up and vacuum tools. An integrated sensor ensures that WX tools are motion-activated, allowing them to only consume power when in use. The WR 3000 station set is supplied with a soldering iron, desoldering iron, soldering station, hot air iron, soldering tip, vacuum pick up tool and soldering iron rest. The 120W soldering station offers great power output with the flexibility over standard soldering irons as they can be used for a variety of applications.

What's included?

  • 1 x WR 3M Soldering Station

  • 1 x WP 80 Soldering Iron

  • 1 x DSX 80 De-soldering Iron

  • 1 x HAP 200 Hot Air Iron

  • 1 x WVP Vacuum Pick-Up

  • 1 x WDH 10T Stand

  • 2 x WDH 30 Stands

  • 1 x DX 113 HM De-soldering Nozzle

  • 1 x LT B Chisel Soldering Tip

Power Unit

The power unit features push buttons to precisely control the temperature to suit the application, with an easy to read large LCD display. The temperature range is from 93°C to 454°C (200°F to 850°F), offering a great deal of flexibility for various soldering applications. This then means the heat up and recovery times are provided quicker, allowing the job to be quicker more efficient. The Weller WR 3000M has three outputs on the front of the power unit which enable you to simultaneously connect three tools. The WR 3000M also features automatic tool recognition. A USB port on the unit enables you to connect it to a PC for data logging. This soldering station is ESD protected and offers a temperature accuracy of ±9°C. There is a 3.5mm jack plug and socket on the back of the soldering unit for equipotential bonding. Equipotential bonding enables you to be ESD safe by joining metalwork that may be earthed, to avoid any potential malfunctions from ESD.

Soldering Iron

Part of this WR 3000M soldering set is the WP 80, this tip to grip position 80W (24V) soldering iron. The 80W soldering iron is ideal for soldering small and medium components with high energy demand. Silver heating technology sees an effective heat transfer used on an extensive range of soldering tips.

De-Soldering Iron Tip

The Weller DSX 80 desoldering iron is an 80W, 24V desoldering iron which is perfect for reworking electronics. It is temperature-controlled and it features a fast-action vacuum pump controlled by a switch. This desoldering iron can be used with DX soldering tips.

Soldering Iron Rest

The Weller WDH 10T soldering iron rest is an ideal place to keep the soldering iron when not in use. Supplied with a brass metal for dry tip cleaning, integrated into the stand.

Also part of this set is the Weller WDH 30 for use with the WXHAP 200 hot air irons. Designed to safely store the iron when cooling down or between jobs. Equipped with a dry tip cleaning system.

Features and Benefits

  • Temperature accuracy of ±9°C

  • 360 W (400 W) Power station for high-level productivity

  • Intelligent and fast heating soldering and de-soldering iron

  • Three channels allowing the use of three different devices

  • Features digital display for easy temperature readings

  • Standby mode for both power unit and soldering iron efficiency

  • Integrated dry soldering tip cleaner

  • Easy tip changes

  • EU Plug and UK Plugs

Typical Applications

Soldering irons are used to work and rework solder in all manner of applications, particularly in repairing or building PCB circuit boards with SMD and through-hole components. They are commonly used in electronic prototyping and production, and any application where a circuit board component might have to be removed or adjusted. Soldering irons are often used by:

  • Engineers

  • Electricians

  • Metalworkers

  • Jewellers

  • Home inventors


Does it display in Centigrade or Fahrenheit?

This solder station only shows Centigrade (°C). The temperature range is from 93°C to 454°C (200°F to 850°F).

What plug does the Weller WR 3000M use?

This soldering station has both UK and EU plug adapters.

Rework - Weller

Kenmerk Waarde
Model Number WR 3000M
Tasks Supported Desoldering
Plug Type Type F - Schuko plug, Type G - British 3-pin
Wattage 360W
Input Voltage 230V
Soldering Tip Temperature 550°C
Number of Outputs 3
Display Type LCD
ESD Safe Yes
10 op voorraad - levertijd is 2 werkdag(en).
Prijs 1 Set
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
1 +
€ 2.489,00
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dit artikel is voorzien van een UK Plug.
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