Weller WX 2021 Soldering Station, 230V

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  • Fabrikantnummer T0053422699
  • Fabrikant Weller
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Weller WX 2021 Soldering Station

Introducing the Weller WX 2021 Soldering Station. It is an easy-to-use, professional soldering station kit offering high power and reliability. The WX 2 is a 230V control unit with 2 channels, so you can use 2 independent 120W soldering irons. The unit ensures maximum temperature stability and accuracy with a ±2ºC temperature stability and a temperature accuracy of ±9ºC. The Weller WX 2 features a high-quality touchscreen display made of glass. From here you can choose your custom settings. There is also a click wheel and a confirm button. There is also a USB port for parameter configuration and data logging. This USB port supports all standard USB sticks. The WX 2 soldering station is also ESD safe. Irons contain a visual indicator letting operators know when their tool is ready to use. If the handle’s LED is blinking, the device is in standby or heating up. When the light is on, the tip is ready to use. In addition, WX tools contain a motion sensor, so that they only turn on when in use, and go into standby when placed in the stand.

Features and Benefits:

Station: • High Powered Dual Port Digital Power Unit, 120 V /240W
• Very fast heat-up time
• Robust, chemical and temperature resistant glass touchscreen with multilingual menu
• Turn-and-click wheel with entering key
• 6 touch keys
• Automatic recognition of tool connected
• Multi-purpose USB port for data logging, configuration and updates
• Versatile Connectivity Options for heating plates, fume extraction, etc.
• Compatible with All WX Series Soldering Pencils
• Compatible with WXMT-ms Desoldering Tweezers
• ESD Safe
Soldering Irons:
• 120W, 24V
• Automatic energy-saving without stop-and-go stand
• Blue LED status ring
• Data storage in bit for key data
• Digital sensor in bit
• Spring-loaded tip barrel
The set includes:
• WXMP Micro soldering iron,
• WDH50 safety rest,
• WXMPT Micro desoldering tweezers,
• WDH60 safety rest,
• RT3 soldering tip & RTW tweezer cartridge.
• UK Cordset and EU two pin Schuko cordet plugs

Typical Applications:

Soldering Stations are used to work and rework solder in all manner of applications, particularly in repairing or building PCB circuit boards with SMD and through-hole components. They are commonly used in electronic prototyping and production, and any application where a circuit board component might have to be removed or adjusted. Soldering Stations are often used by: • Engineers
• Electricians
• Metalworkers
• Jewellers
• Home inventors


Does it include a soldering iron? Yes, the Weller WX 2021 includes the WXMP Micro Soldering Iron, a 40W, 12V intelligent soldering iron. It is ideal for very small components which require high energy. The WX2021 also includes the WXMPT Micro Tweezers.
How fast does it heat up?
This soldering iron heats up extremely fast. It can be used immediately.
Where is it used?
The WX 2021 soldering station can be used in many manual soldering applications, including automotive, aerospace and medical industries.
How energy efficient is it?
The WX 2 has a built-in sensor which is motion activated. This allows it to only use power when it is being used. If they aren't in use, they automatically go into standby mode.
What language is it?
Within the menu navigation, you are able to make your choice of language.
How big is it?
WX 2 soldering station dimensions: 174 x 154 x 135 mm / 6.85 x 6.06 x 5.31 inches


Please be aware solder wire is not included with this Soldering Station Set. Why not try RS brand Solder wire? 756-8884

Soldering - Weller

Kenmerk Waarde
Model Number WX 2021
Plug Type Type F - Schuko plug, Type G - British 3-pin
Tasks Supported Desoldering / Soldering
Wattage 200W
Input Voltage 230V
Soldering Tip Temperature 450°C
Number of Outputs 2
Display Type LED
ESD Safe Yes
3 op voorraad - levertijd is 1 werkdag(en) (EU-voorraad)
27 op voorraad - levertijd is 2 werkdag(en) (UK-voorraad)
Prijs Each
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
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€ 947,00
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