Keithley 2606B Sourcemeter, 4 Ch, 1 KΩ 100 nA → 3 A 100 → 240 V ac 20.2 W, 2600B Series

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  • Fabrikant Keithley
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The 2606B System SourceMeter

The 2606B System SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instrument offers four 20-watt SMU channels in a 1U high form factor chassis. Built from Keithley’s third generation SMU technology, the 2606B offers the combined capabilities of a precision power supply, true current source, 6-digit DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, and pulse generator—all into one tightlyintegrated instrument. The result is a powerful solution that significantly boosts productivity for demanding automated qualification and production testing for optoelectronic devices such as VCSELs/laser diodes used in 3D sensing, telecommunication, and LEDs used in consumer products and automobiles, as well as integrated devices like analogue ICs, ASICs, and system-on-a-chip (SOC) devices. When a high SMU channel count is required, multiple 2606B units can be stacked on top of each other without the need for thermal spacing between units. Built-in web browser-based software enables communicating to the 2606B through any computer from anywhere in the world. For automated system applications, the 2606B’s Test Script Processor (TSP®) technology runs complete test programs from inside the instrument for industry best throughput. In larger, multi-channel applications, Keithley’s TSP-Link® technology works together with TSP technology to enable high-speed, SMU-per-pin parallel testing. Each 2606B SMU is code compatible with the industry-leading Keithley 2602B System SourceMeter SMU Instrument when you are using the new ranges.

Features and Benefits:

• Four-channel SMU instrument in a single 1U full rack chassis
• Stackable; no 1U spacing requirements between units
• Tightly-integrated voltage/current source and measure instruments offer best in class performance with a 6-digit resolution
• 20 V @ 1 A and 6 V @ 3 A power envelopes, 20 watts
• 0.015% DCV basic accuracy
• Up to 28 open drain digital I/O bits
• Correlated results to the 2602B System SourceMeter SMU Instrument
• TSP technology embeds complete test programs inside the instrument for best-in-class system-level throughput
• TSP-Link expansion technology for a multi-channel parallel test without a mainframe
• Front Panel LAN (LXI-C), USB 2.0 TMC488 protocol, and digital I/O interfaces
• Built-in web browser based software enables remote control through any browser, on any computer from anywhere in the world

Typical Applications:

I-V functional test and characterization of a wide range of devices, including:
• Optoelectronic devices
- Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs), laser diodes (used on 3D sensing systems)
- High brightness (HBLEDs), light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
- Displays
• Integrated devices small scale integrated (SSI) and large scale integrated (LSI)
- Analog ICs
- Radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs)
- Application specific integrated circuits (ASICs)
- System on a chip (SOC) devices
• Discrete and passive components
- Two-leaded sensors, disk drive heads, metal oxide varistors (MOVs), diodes, zener diodes, sensors, capacitors, thermistors
- Three-leaded small signal bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), fieldeffect transistors (FETs), and more
• Simple ICs optos, drivers, switches, sensors, converters, regulators

Kenmerk Waarde
Series 2600B
Sourcemeter Function SMU Instrument
Number of Channels 4
Source Voltage Range 100 → 240 V ac
Source Current Range 100 nA → 3 A
Output Power 20.2 W
Resistance Measurement Range 1 KΩ
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