RS PRO 1 x Electricity Danger Sign (English), Black/Blue/Yellow Plastic

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RS PRO Plastic Electrical Danger Safety Signs

A range of RS PRO plastic electrical safety danger signs which meet standards ISO 7010. The signs are bold lettering, white background with warning lettering and images.

Options available for these Electricity Danger Signs:

917-5403 - 200x150mm Plastic Danger 415 volts Sign
917-5406 - 200x150mm Plastic Danger 240 volts Sign
917-5412 - 200x150mm Plastic Danger 440 volts Sign
917-5419 - 200x150mm Plastic Danger 11000 volts Sign
917-5421 - 200x150mm Plastic Electric Shock Sign
917-5425 - 150x300mm Plastic Danger & Isolate Sign
917-5434 - 200x150mm Plastic High voltage Sign

The purpose of the ISO 7010 Standard is to have an internationally-recognised range of signage shapes, colours and pictograms to enhance safety amongst increasing numbers of non-native speaking workers for whom text-based safety instructions are not sufficient.
The ISO 7010 Standard applies to all safety signs and symbols in work environments and other places where people need to be made aware of safety issues. This includes everything from emergency exit signs to mandatory, prohibition or hazard warning signs.

Danger and safety signs are an essential requirement by employees when there is a risk to health and safety. RS PRO have a great range of international danger and hazard signs that will meet all your requirements for your business to maintain a safe work environment and avoid accidents.

Features and Benefits:

  • Material – plastic

  • Highly visible and colour coded - white background, warning message in bold colour

  • Lettering, easy to understand – instructions and important safety information are displayed clearly when verbal communication is not possible

  • Various sizes available

  • Can be hung, glued or pasted as required

  • For marking electrical hazards

Typical Applications

Danger and warning signs generally have a yellow background with a black border to show a potential risk for staff in that area. Ideal for workplaces and other locations where people need to be informed about health and safety matters. These signs should be clearly displayed for people to see them and are used to indicate hazards or risks associated with electrical equipment or power supply.


What type of Safety Signs are available?

RS PRO health and safety signs come in various styles and sizes. These signs are generally colour coded, so people can easily understand them.

  • Warning signs are triangular shape, black image, yellow background, black border

  • Prohibition signs are round shape, black image, white background red border, red diagonal line

  • Mandatory signs are round shape, white image, blue background

  • Emergency exit and first aid signs are rectangular or square, white image, green background

  • Fire-fighting signs – rectangular or square, white image, red background

  • CLP regulation Hazard pictograms (alert you to the presence of hazardous chemicals) - Diamond shaped, red border, white background black image

More about ISO 7010

ISO 7010 is an international standard which ensures consistency across different hazard and safety signs. The combination of colours and symbols is designed to be easily understandable, without reliance upon too much wording.


ISO 7010

Kenmerk Waarde
Text Message Warning Electricity General Mandatory Action Sign
Text Language English
Sign Description Electricity Danger
Material Plastic
Colour Black/Blue/Yellow
Quantity Per Package 1
Height 300 mm
Width 150mm
Sign Type Sign
Self-Adhesive No
8 op voorraad - levertijd is 1 werkdag(en).
Prijs Each
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
1 - 9
€ 9,54
10 - 19
€ 9,16
20 +
€ 8,87
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