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    Storage Cabinets

    What are Storage Cabinets?

    A storage cabinet is a box shape storage unit with doors and drawers for storing tools. Storage Cabinets at RS are sturdy, high quality and space efficient. They are easy to install, maintain and are incredibly using for storing all your possessions.

    At RS, we have a huge array of Storage Cabinet options available. For example, metal cabinets and steel cabinets are available as well as cabinets made from plastic. They are also available in several different dimensions with varying amounts of Doors, Shelves & Drawers.

    The versatility of the range available allows you tailor your selection to meet your storage needs.

    How to choose the right cabinet

    When choosing a unit for storage it’s always an excellent idea to consider not just what the primary use of the product will be, but also any future applications as well. A storage cabinet that combines a cupboard area with drawers and shelving offers flexible storage that could increase the lifespan of the product and allow it to be situated in more than one place as necessities can change.

    Moreover, for the ones buying with future expansion in mind, a cabinet or cupboard that is part of a modular gadget may be required. The cabinet may be freestanding, and many have features such as adjustable shelves and lockable doors.

    Lockable storage cabinets can also offer security for personal belongings and also for hazardous products. wheeled storage cabinets are also ideal as can be moved easily. Storage cabinets are great at space-saving in the working environment. You can choose from:

    • Louvred Panel -these empty louvred panel cabinets are an ideal solution for storage in offices, workshops and stockrooms because they offer multiple layout options, enabling you to organise your items to suit your needs and thus representing a good alternative to drawer storage solutions.
    • Mobile Cabinet – heavy duty roller style lockable with a padlock for workshop storage
    • Tool Chest – designed for heavy loads and hard wearing counter.
    • Transforming Modular – rigid plastic modular cabinets that can expand according to your needs.


    • Workshops
    • Warehouse
    • Offices
    • Stockrooms
    • Garages

    Features & Benefits

    Storage boxes possess some key features including:

    • Extremely long life
    • High efficiency
    • Space efficient
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Safe and convenient

    Browse the broad range of Storage Cabinets RS have to offer and order today for next day delivery.

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