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    Storage Racking

    Storage racking and shelving components are simple and convenient storage solutions for multiple applications including garages, workshops and warehouses. They're easy to build and offer the flexibility to increase or reduce storage as required. With a range of heights and weight limits available, you can find the right rack storage unit for your requirements.

    How does Storage Racking work?

    Our rack systems include kits as well as individual items, allowing you to customise your selection to solve your storage needs most effectively. Different cabinet sizes, finishes, materials, shelving widths and panel heights can be mixed and matched into multiple configurations. Within the range are shelving units, wire shelving, cable racks and extension bay shelving kits with removable containers.

    Types of Storage Racking components

    Rack storage is incredibly time effective and space efficient as rack systems are simple to erect or modify, without the needs for nuts and bolts. These steel racks are sturdy as the frames are made from steel and shelves are either solid sheets or made from wire. Safety features such as locking clips ensure components can't be accidentally dislodged.

    Common Racking components include:

    • Storage racks
    • Shelving posts
    • Wall mount shelves
    • End frames
    • Wall mount brackets
    • Shelf sets
    • Shelving cabinets
    • Chipboard shelves
    • Modular shelving

    Browse the broad range of Rack Storage RS have to offer and order today for next day delivery.

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