Adhesive Activators, Primers & Debonders

Adhesive activators are products that accelerate the curing speed of bonding components. These activators enable curing of adhesives (glue) in spaces where light and heat is not available to activate the bonding or debonding process.

What are adhesive activators used for?

Adhesive activators are used in conjunction with structural adhesives to bond metals, ferrites or magnets. They are also used to increase the curing speed in motor assembly bonding. Other industries where adhesive activators are used include furniture assembly, plastic assembly, appliance manufacturing and ceramics production.

Types of adhesive activators

Adhesive activators can be bonders, debonders or primers:

  • Bonders have various attributes that allow the joining of metals, plastics or alloys. Bonders assist with vibration damping, sealing and corrosion protection.
  • Debonders or cleaners are used to clean components that should not be joined or wipe up spillage adhesive from surfaces by decreasing the bonding strength of the adhesive product to be removed.
  • Primers or adhesion promoters are used as pre-activators to created a bonding layer between a surface and the adhesive component.

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Flexane Primer - Liquid Bottle - 30 min 112 g - - - - -
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Flexane Primer - Liquid Bottle - 30 min 112 g - - - - -