Safety Limit Switches

pLimit switches operate with the movement of machinery, opening or closing the circuit when movement is detected. Safety limit switches provide a level of risk reduction over regular limit switches, as they have a positive actuation structure, which means that if a fault occurs they will stop conducting the electrical load. /pph2What are safety limit switches used for?/h2/ppSafety limit switches are used in industrial settings to reduce the risk factor in the event of overcurrent or electrical faults. This can be useful in a wide range of applications, from heating and ventilation to the operation of heavy machinery, where normal limit switches might provide a risk if they continued to conduct electricity in the event of a fault./pph2Types of safety limit switches/h2/ppSafety limit switches mainly differ by the type of a href="/web/c/pneumatics-hydraulics-power-transmission/pneumatic-cylinders-actuators/" target="_self"actuator /athey have. This can be a hinge, roller, rod or push bolt, for example.They can also vary by the number of contacts and cable entries that they have. /p

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