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    Solar Connector Accessories

    Solar connector accessories assist with the connection of solar modules, allowing fast and easy connections to be made. They speed up installation time and eliminate wiring errors. Solar connector accessories include leads, contacts and specifically designed tools.

    Types of solar connector accessories

    Some of the most common and useful solar connector accessories are pin contacts, adapter leads and crimp terminals. Pin contacts are designed for use with solar junction boxes as well as other applications like field installations. They have a variety of pin and socket types to suit different cable capacities and associated housings. Their copper alloy construction and silver-over-nickel plating makes them suitably robust to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Connector unlock tools are designed for use with wire-to-wire power connectors.

    Choosing the right solar connector accessories

    Choosing solar connector accessories will depend on the solar connector you're using and the environment you're working in. For example, sealing caps are solar accessories that protect unmated male and female connectors from moisture and dirt.

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