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    Wiring Combs

    Wiring combs and pens are simple tools for making electrical connections easier and more streamlined. They create a neat cable appearance in a short amount of time, compared to other conventional methods of wiring.

    How do wiring combs work?

    Wiring combs work in a similar way to clamps and are suitable for any high-density wiring. They are designed to work with all individually sleeved cables and hold the cables into the comb using a wiring pen and spool wire. Wiring combs can be quite fragile. It is recommended to use multiple smaller sizes instead of one large size, so that you can reduce the amount of stress on the wiring comb.

    Types of wiring combs

    Wiring combs are available in a range of sizes to suit various cable configurations. They are mainly constructed from nylon and are ideal for prototyping, breadboards, repair and limited production runs. Wiring combs are widely supplied in packs with different numbers of spools.

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