Air Dusters

Air dusters, sometimes referred to as spray dusters or canned air, are canisters of compressed gas.

What can I use an air duster for?

Air dusters can be used to remove dust, dirt and debris from office equipment, electronics and harder to reach areas, such as keyboards, laptops, printers, computer fans and dusty circuit boards. Air dusters are ideal for cleaning electronics and sensitive equipment as they do not produce water or moisture.

How do I use an air duster?

Air dusters are handheld canisters and are easy to operate with one hand. Simply remove the lid and compress the nozzle. This will propel high-pressure gas from the nozzle. Many air dusters are supplied with an optional straw (nozzle) that lets you clean harder to reach areas, while some feature a trigger gun cap. Air dusters are most effective when used in short, sharp blasts of between 3 to 5 seconds.

Do I need to hold the air duster upright?

You should always check your air duster before use to see whether it can be inverted. Some canisters can be held upside down. However, others aren’t invertible and the compressed gas and canister can freeze.

Are there any precautions I should take?

Air dusters are typically flammable products and should always be stored according to manufacturer advice. Despite being called air dusters, these products typically contain propellants that can damage your health. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions

How long does a can of air duster last?

On average, you should get approximately 200 2-second blasts from a 400 ml can.

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