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    Screen Wash

    Screen wash is necessary to clean vehicle screens while it is being driven, helping to remove traffic film (the fine film of grime and grease created by dirt and any oil or grease on the road’s surface) as well as other dirt or substances that may potentially coat the windscreen and cause limited vision for the driver. Screen wash also contains antifreeze, giving it a lower freezing point than water and allowing it to still be used throughout the winter months

    Do I use screen wash neat or diluted?

    Screen wash comes in many forms, with some products already diluted and ready-mixed so that all you have to do is pour it into your car. Others come concentrated or undiluted, granting the user the chance to choose their own strength of screen wash, potentially lasting longer than a diluted bottle. Dilution factors will vary depending on the season, with a stronger solution recommended for the winter months to prevent the product from freezing whereas this is less of a concern in the spring and summer months.

    How do I refill my screen wash?

    To refill your screen wash, you will need to open your bonnet and secure it. Once open, locate the screen wash compartment and remove the lid. Instead of pouring the screen wash straight in, it is recommended to use a funnel. Fill the compartment to the fill line and securely close the lid and bonnet once done. This should be done on a regular basis to ensure sufficient cleaning fluid is readily available.

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