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    Machine Lights

    Machine lights are high-quality, energy efficient lamps used for the precise visual inspection of machines and instruments. They improve visibility, providing exceptional brightness for carrying out detailed work. Our curated range of machine lights includes products from leading brands, such as Patlite, Serious, Waldmann and RS PRO, and features a range of lighting fitting styles, from portable, fixed linear models to mountable models with articulated or flexible arms.

    What types of machine lights are available?

    Machine lights come in a variety of different lamp types, including fluorescent, halogen or LED bulbs, with each offering their own benefits for various applications. Halogen and incandescent bulbs are highly versatile and provide bright illumination with high resistance to failure. Similarly, fluorescent bulbs are considered a durable and powerful option. Finally, LEDs provide a white light source that has a high energy efficiency rating and high illumination properties.

    Who uses machine lights?

    Machine lights can be used for domestic and industrial purposes. The lights are available from a small pen-style inspection light to larger lights that have hooks, magnets or flexible and extendable arms to get light to the most awkward areas. Magnets and hooks can be secured to the surrounding infrastructure to enable you to work hands-free and articulated or flexible arms (also known as gooseneck arms) can be manipulated to the most advantageous angle to illuminate your project.

    Some machine lights are equipped with a long-lasting and rechargeable battery, whereas other types do not require batteries and can be charged via USB or DC and AC sources. Larger machine lamps are mains powered. Certain machine lighting is waterproof, coolant-proof, and dust-proof lights and can be used in harsh environments.

    These multi-purpose machine lights are used in many industries and applications, from healthcare to engineering, including the following:

    • Manufacturing
    • Industrial
    • Electronics Industries
    • Construction
    • Automotive Garages
    • Hospitals
    • Dentists
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