Speaker Enclosures

Speaker enclosures mount or contain speaker drivers, an essential part of any speaker that creates sound waves. They prevent rearward and forward generated sounds interacting with each other and becoming distorted.

Uses of speaker enclosures

The variety of speaker enclosures is almost limitless because there are so many types of speakers that vary in size, shape, and function. Some speaker enclosures are designed for miniature speakers within the home, whereas stadium-quality speakers will require much larger enclosures that distribute sound at different angles to every corner of the stadium.

Varieties of enclosure speakers

The most common speaker enclosure is a sealed enclosure. These enclosures are entirely sealed so that forward waves can move into the room, but rearward waves stay only in the enclosure.

Other types of speaker enclosure include ported enclosures, designed to improve low-frequency output, and dipole enclosures, which distribute sound in a figure-of-eight movement. Dipole enclosures are ideal for surround-sound systems that project sound waves at different angles.

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