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    Respirator Accessories

    Air fed respirators are a form of PPE (personal protective equipment) that protect you from inhaling hazardous gases or materials. They allow you to work in environments that would otherwise be deemed too high a risk, or to perform tasks that may otherwise prove too difficult over a long duration, such as spray painting or chemical cleaning.

    What are air fed respirator accessories used for?

    Air fed respirators allow maintenance or operational tasks to be carried out in inhospitable environments, or for tasks that use irritating or toxic gases for extended periods of time. Air fed respirator accessories keep the respirators functioning as intended, for the time required in a designated environment.

    Air fed respirators are found in factories, workshops, chemical plants, foundries and other workplace where hazardous chemicals are used.

    Types of air fed respirator accessories

    Accessories include replacement filters, hoses, batteries, battery chargers, microphones, face shields, face seals, spark arresters, visor covers and headset kits. These keep the air fed respirator in top condition, preventing cross contamination, and increase their usability in hazardous environments

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