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    Pneumatic Separators

    Pneumatic separators, commonly also called water separators, are pneumatic air preparation devices used to remove water or mist from pneumatic systems. They can also act as filters to remove any unwanted – sometimes harmful – contaminants from the system, such as dust particles.

    Why use pneumatic separators?

    Pneumatic separators are an important part of keeping a pneumatic or compressed air system running smoothly. Failure to remove moisture the system can result in condensation in piping, pneumatic tools and instruments, leading to damage and premature failure.

    Condensed water can cause corrosion to the storage and distribution system, as well as damage to production machinery and your application's end products. Liquid water can also wash away pre-lubricants on cylinders and valves, decreasing their operational life. Water in a pneumatic system also reduces production efficiency and increases maintenance costs.

    Features and benefits of pneumatic separators

    Features and benefits of pneumatic separators may include:

    • Lightweight design that is easy to install and adjust
    • Automatic drain, meaning no maintenance
    • Resistance to clogging
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