Air Saws, Shears & Nibblers

Use Air Saws, Shears & Nibblers for cutting aluminium or sheet steel in workshops and automotive applications. Our range includes leading brands such as Bahco & RS PRO. Air Saws, Shears & Nibblers are cutters powered by compressed air and fed via air compressor hose and are used by engineers and DIY enthusiasts.

Air Saws

Air Saws are constructed from aluminium, offer high cutting performance, are compatible with universal blades and give you superb speed controlled by a palm or thumb trigger.

Air Shears

Air Shears are perfect for metalwork fabrication and general sheet metal cutting. The benefits of these shears are their pistol grip, fast cutting action, and heavy-duty cutting blades.

Air Nibblers

Air Nibblers are designed for cutting intricate shapes and working in confined spaces. Suitable for sheet metal work and fabrication. During application, they have a push cutting operation and a powerful motor.

Things to consider

When buying an Air Saws, Shears & Nibblers always ensure you work at the rated pressure and use the correct hose connection to avoid air leaks or hose failure.


Use Air Saws, Shears & Nibblers in workshops, collision care, and restoration projects.

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Omschrijving Prijs Air Tool Type Airflow Air Inlet BSP Working Pressure Cutting Capacity Model Number
RS-stocknr. 739-8433
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 103,02
Aantal stuks
Air Body Saw 280L/min 1/4in 90psi 1.2 mm APT650
RS-stocknr. 754-1836
€ 245,23
Aantal stuks
Air Body Saw - - - - BP824
RS-stocknr. 739-8418
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 139,86
Aantal stuks
Air Nibbler 280L/min 1/4in 90psi - APT660
RS-stocknr. 739-8420
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 89,60
Aantal stuks
Air Shear 113L/min 1/4in 90psi - APT670
RS-stocknr. 137-0891
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 290,40
Aantal stuks
Air Body Saw 35.1L/min 1/4in - 1.2 mm -