Paint Guns

Use paint guns to spray paint to panels on vehicles, boats, furniture, interior wall, and garden fences. Our spray guns are designed to be used with an Air Compressor to cover large areas using the paint of your choice.

HVLP Paint Guns have many advantages, they give you complete control of the paint and air pressure, have adjustable nozzles so you position the spray angle pattern and they produce a professional finish.

How do you use a Paint Gun?

For professional results your air tools and the environment must be clean & sanitised. Fill the paint chamber with the correct paint consistency, connect the air compressor hose feed then test the paint flow but engaging the gun trigger, adjust the nozzle of the paint spray pattern as required.


During application its good practice to keep a consistent fluid motion, overlapping 50% left to right or back & forth. Allow appropriate drying time between coats for a smooth finish.

What you should consider!

Lighting should be a consideration before painting, you can view the surface more accurately to approve the paint coverage and see more clearing any defects such as dust, hair or fibre particles that need to be removed before spraying the final coat.

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RS-stocknr. 250-1779
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 42,26
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0.22L 0.3 mm 1/4in Spray Gun Kit - AB931
RS-stocknr. 672-087
FabrikantRS PRO
€ 92,93
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1L 2 mm 1/4in Spray Gun 970g -
RS-stocknr. 754-1918
€ 178,62
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0.6L 1 to 2 mm 1/4in Spray Gun 700g -
RS-stocknr. 201-8265
€ 90,51
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2.7L 1.7 mm - - 0.49kg -