Cordless Torque Wrenches

An electrical torque wrench, also known as Digital Torque Wrench, allows for precise torque application to nuts and bolts with a minimum user effort. Electric Torque Wrenches comprise a gearbox mated with a torque reaction element that absorbs the torque and allows the user for easy and precise operation. Electric Torque Wrenches maximise downtimes and improve productivity it requires a multiple and accurate torque wrench application. Electric Torque Wrenches can be confused with Impact Wrenches because of the similar look, but these two types of wrenches have nothing common. Electric Torque Wrenches are ultra-precise, generates small amount of vibration and are very easy to use.

How does Electric Torque Wrench work?

Electric Torque Wrenches feature a powerful motor that generates and transfers the rotation movement through a gearbox. Electric Torque Wrenches are precision tools controlled by an internal computer that analyse torque output readings and shut off the motor voltage once it reaches the desired value.

What Electric Torque Wrenches are available?

  • Cordless Torque Wrenches - Battery-powered tools that use lithium-ion technology to provide long-lasting and reliable power to the wrench and with battery advancements, the lighter weight battery provides enough power for the job whilst making light and easy to manoeuvre tool. Most battery power tools within a single brand range are interchangeable, making it easy to build up an array of tools utilising the same battery technology.

  • Corded Torque Wrenches - Mains-electricity powered tools that provide constant operation without a need for replacing batteries.

What are typical applications of electric corded and cordless torque wrenches?

Electric Torque Wrenches solve all professionals that require accurate and repeatable torque application to nuts, bolts, screws etc. Electric Torque Wrenches are mostly used in:

  • Automotive industry,

  • Engineering,

  • Aerospace and aircraft industry

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