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    Desoldering & Reworking Tools

    Use desoldering & reworking tools as part of your rework station system. These tools are designed for use with PCBs, wiring or components that have been soldered. Desoldering & reworking tools are hand-held devices that supply heat from metal tips, hot air from nozzle guns and pump-action to remove solder. Our range includes leading brands such as Abeco, Weller, Hakko, Metcal, Antex electronics, Erem, Facom, Kahnetics, and RS PRO.

    Desoldering & Reworking Kits

    Use desoldering & reworking Kits to remove SMDs, PCB components, and wiring. We offer a range of designs specific to your application, lightweight tools that are easy to use plus interchangeable tip options. These tools are for use with rework soldering station control units available separately.

    Desoldering Guns & Pumps

    Use desoldering guns & pumps to remove melted solder. The electric options include a 2 in 1 model that melts solder, sucks & stores the excess solder in chambers. These tools are for use control units available separately.

    Manual solder pumps also known as solder suckers are the classic option. To prepare this hand tool press the lever down until it locks, heat the solder with an iron, once melted place the nozzle over the solder and press the release button. This creates a vacuum and sucks up the melted solder.

    Features and Benefits

    • Suitable for repetitive work desoldering
    • Replaceable nozzle options
    • Quick to set up and easy to operate
    • Portable design


    Desoldering & Reworking Tools are used in a variety of applications such as;

    • Electronic servicing
    • PCB assembly
    • Repairing components
    • Wiring installation for many DIY projects
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