CCTV Systems

"CCTV systems, or closed-circuit television systems, are a vital contribution to any workplace security system. Video surveillance can not only assist in identifying and prosecuting criminals, but it also serves as a proven deterrent. Whether you need to protect your staff, your customers, or your personal property, CCTV is a highly effective security solution.

How does a CCTV System Work?

A CCTV system consists of cameras that feed into a monitor, allowing real-time surveillance on a particular area. They typically include a recording system that allows a viewer to examine a recorded incident after it has taken place.

Closed-Circuit usually refers to an independent hard-wired system, but the term is also used to refer to modern wireless security camera kits.

Motorised cameras can also be remotely controlled to track activity. Combined with the high quality HD capabilities of modern cameras, this allows you optimum surveillance wherever you need it.

How Do Wireless CCTV Systems Work?

While hardwired cameras cannot be remotely ’hacked’, digital wireless solutions are often more versatile. Wireless cameras use an RF transmitter that feeds into either an off-line or online storage device (such as cloud storage.) This means that the locations in which they are installed are limited only by the range of their RF transmission.

As wireless security camera systems can use conventional wi-fi networks, the security feed can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world via your smartphones device.

Smart CCTV Systems

As video technology advances, so do the capabilities of your CCTV systems. Cameras can run through smart software to only record when there is movement, meaning that you do not have to search through hours of irrelevant recording. With software becoming increasingly user friendly, smart security solutions are available to everyone.


  • Home Security. The affordability of wireless CCTV camera kits has resulted in an increase in domestic household installations. Home security cameras can also be a useful tool in home caring for the vulnerable.

  • Public Liability. Where you are responsible for the safety of the public, you may be subject to insurance claims made against you. Security cameras can help verify any claim against your business.

  • Anti-Trespass. With weatherproof cameras and night vision capability available, complete premises coverage is possible. It is not uncommon for people to employ dummy security cameras to get the benefit of deterrence without the cost."

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Omschrijving Prijs Model Number Number of Camera Connections Included Hard Drive Capacity Monitor Resolution Colour or Black & White Display Indoor/Outdoor IR
RS-stocknr. 197-4058
€ 435,85
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TVVR36511D 6 1TB 1920 x 1080pixels Colour Indoor, Outdoor Yes
RS-stocknr. 197-4059
€ 435,85
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TVVR36511T 6 1TB 1920 x 1080 Colour Indoor, Outdoor Yes
RS-stocknr. 177-4414
€ 378,53
Aantal stuks
- 5 128GB 1920 x 1080pixels Colour Indoor, Outdoor Yes
RS-stocknr. 177-4411
€ 307,94
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- 3 - 1024 x 600pixels Colour Indoor, Outdoor Yes
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