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    Fire Extinguisher Accessories

    Fire Extinguisher Accessories

    Fire extinguisher accessories are equipment used to add to the effectiveness of fire extinguishers. Whether it's a matter of safety or necessity, these accessories have crucial roles to play in helping to extinguish fires more effectively.

    What are fire extinguisher accessories used for?

    Fire extinguisher stands, for example, ensure fire extinguishers remain visible and in place at an obvious fire point. They are particularly useful when fire extinguishers cannot easily be mounted on a wall and where they need to be clearly seen in critical areas.

    Fire extinguisher trolleys are useful where clean-up or contamination are a concern. They have a powder coated finish which offers protection against A, B and C class fires in large industrial operations. Trolleys also facilitate easy, safe and efficient movement. Signs and arrows indicate the location of your fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher cabinets, on the other hand, house fire extinguishers and keep them safe from tampering or accidental damage, and fire extinguisher covers protect against contamination and knocks.

    Fire Extinguisher Accessories can help support a healthy building by improving Safety & Security

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